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The Townsend’s Mole (Scapanus townsendii) is the largest of the
seven North American species and is regarded as the most
damaging!  If you have moles, it's time to call


Each year a mole
can have one litter
of two to six young!

A single mole
is capable of
digging over
sixty feet of
tunnel in one

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Moles have to eat
every three to four

Moles have twice as many white
blood cells as other mammals of
similar size, allowing them to
breath underground.
To put it in perspective, a 200 pound man would have to
shovel almost 10,000 pounds of earth!
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Zoology; a small mammal that usually lives underground and has large
forelimbs for digging,
no external ears,minute eyes, and dense
velvety fur. Family: Talpidae
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Main runways often will follow fence rows,
or other man made borders
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A mole can tunnel at the rate of 18 feet
per hour and can construct 150 feet of
tunnels in a single day. It can speed
through established runways at
80 feet per minute
Moles are
able to exert
a lateral
digging force
of up to 32
times their
body weight.  
This is done using their forefeet
like a bulldozer blade to push the
soil to the surface.
Throughout the 17th, 18th, and
19th centuries mole skins were
used for capes, trimmings, purses,
and tobacco pouches.
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Mole populations will actually expand  
from neighboring tunnels into your
Moles create a complex
labyrinth of interconnected
chambers by tunneling!
One male mole was
found to have created
302 mounds in 77 days.
In just 20 minutes, a mole can
excavate 10 pounds of soil or an
amount equivalent to nearly 50
times its own body weight!
There are seven North
American mole species: the
eastern mole, hairy-tailed
mole, star-nosed mole,
broad-footed mole,
Townsend's mole, coast mole,
and shrew mole.
The gestation period for moles
is about 40 days and they
have an average of 5-6 young
between March and April.
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A four ounce mole will eat
approximately 40 pounds of
food per year, and must
consume an amount
equivalent to 40% to 100% of
its body weight daily
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Initiative # 713
Banned the use of
body grabbing
traps. RCW
77.15.192 to 198
November 7, 2000
No Traps!
No Traps!
Have you tried
broken glass or
plastic bottles?
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Moles are mammals
that can cause
considerable damage
to your lawn.
Trap Free Solutions for a Mole Free Lawn  
Trap Free Solutions for a Mole Free Lawn